Mobile platform supporting the daily coordination of care

One single application easily customizable to meet your specific information sharing needs


Quarness mobile solution that simplifies the daily coordination of care is based on 3 modules.

Quarness Alerting

To ensure all departments received the right information at the right time

Sharing, in real time, critical and needed information among  stakeholders from different departments is essential to guarantee a smooth coordination of care processes.

Unexpected events often disrupt the daily organization, if not communicated in real time to care teams (delay in Operating theater, emergency admission, pharmacovigilance alert…). Quarness Alerting solution enables caregivers to communicate these events using predefined alerts.

  • needed alerts are defined starting by analysing information each  stakeholder has in his possession or has to receive to be able to accomplish his job. 
  • alerts text, associated priority level, distribution list can be customized to meet specific healthcare institutions processes
  • alerts can be sent by caregivers from their mobile device or automatically from existing IT solutions (EMR...)
  • individual alerts treatment (acknowledgement or answers) can be tracked by each of the recipients and/or senders

Quarness IM

Connecting caregivers to ease multidisciplinary communication


  • Instant messaging totally secured and encrypted
  • Eliminating task interruptions due to intempestive phone calls
  • Replacing illegal sms
  • Caregivers can be reached anywhere at any time without any delay
  • Each text message is associated with a priority level (red - orange - green)
  • Combining texts and pictures


Accessing clinical and administrative protocols where they are needed

  • Supporting care processes protocolization and QA
  • Making easier trainee and interim personal training
  • Accessible from any places where they are needed
  • Environmental friendly as less paper !