How communication is key

Information exchanges and information access are at the heart of the daily coordination of care

Errors of communication and delays in information transfer are a source of stress and wasted time for nursing staffs.  They have a major cost for healthcare institutions.

  • Communication errors are detected in more than 50 % of medical errors (1)
  • Nurses are, in average, interrupted 6,7 times per hour (2)
  • Nurses can spend upwards of 2 hours locating other people to get answers and searching for supplies (3)
  • Nurses believe that interruptions from management phone calls lead to the highest risk of errors (4)

(1) Sentinel Event Data. Root cause by event type (2004-2012) Report from The Joint Commission

(2) Work Interruptions and Their Contribution to Medication Administration Errors: An Evidence Review - Alain D. Biron RN, Carmen G. Loiselle RN, PhD and Mélanie Lavoie - Tremblay RN, PhD - Worldviews on Evidence-Based Nursing, Volume 6, Issue 2, pages 70–86, June 2009 

(3) The High Cost of Nurses’ Communication Challenges, Frances Dare, Sep 2009, Cisco survey

(4) Interruptions during nurses’ drug rounds in surgical wards: observational study. Palese A1, Sartor A, Costaperaria G, Bresadola V.J Nurs Manag. 2009 Mar;17(2):185-92

Quarness mobile platform supports coordination of care

Instant messaging and alerts platform


The Quarness mobile solution

Needed informations are delivered to the right people at the right time improving care processes efficiency.


Bed availability, delay in OR planning, pharmacovigilance alerts, need for support in emergency situation… Alerts, issued by a caregiver or extracted from an existing IT solution, ensure that all care team members receive the right information at the right time.


Free from the interruptions of management phone calls, caregivers can focus on their patients. Using a secured instant messaging solution reduce risks of errors and wasted time.


Caregivers can directly access clinical and administrative protocols anywhere they need them, using their mobile devices

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Secured instant messaging dedicated to caregivers :

Limiting task interruptions due to intempestive phone calls

Eliminating illegal SMS

Reducing wasted time chasing for people and answers

Platform of customizable alerts designed from healthcare institutions specific needs :

Facilitating transmission of critical information among different clinical departments

Simplifying the daily coordination of care

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